Wade helps family from fire

Dwyane Wade heard the news of a South Florida woman whose nephew accidentally burned down her homeĀ  and ruined all the family’s items, the Miami Heat star knew he had to do something to help out. Want to know what he did to help? Wade had enough heart to replace the house.

Dwyane Wade also gave gifts, clothing and much more to the family. Wade is much much more than a proffessional basketball player. He is a giving person and loves families and kids. Every year Wade finds time to get out and help these kind of situations. Doesn’t matter what holliday of the year it is. Wade is willing to help. Wade has donate $10,000 to several children organizations. The NBAs leading scorer is amazing right? He is a star outside of basketball. Wade said after rebuilding the families new home, “Now we can start this family with a new beginning.” You do not find many of these kind of players do this kind of stuff. But Dwyane Wade is one of them.